Standard Tooling

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Standard Tooling Introduction

All of our premium punches and dies are manufactured for high speed machine, durability and performance.

EU & TSM Specifications
GMI accommodates both standards of B, D, BB, BBS tooling configurations used in today’s International Market. The American Standard known as the TSM Standard and the European Standard known as the EU or Euro norm Standard. TSM and EU tooling standards were established in the industry to provide a structure that protects companies tooling investments while maintaining established processes and procedures. TSM and EU configurations are very similar to each other but cannot be interchanged.

Best Steel Collection covers Wide Range of Applications: There are thousands of steel grades available only a few meet the complex design and functional requirement of tablet tooling. Chemical composition of the steel is only one part of the overall equation. Material selection must always be considered alongside tablet design for strong punch cups and punch tip edges.

Tooling Punch Dia Die Dia Maximum Toolin Size
in (mm) in (mm)
For Round For Shape
D 25.35 38.1 25 25
B 19 30.15 16 19