Multi - Tip Tooling

  • Multi - Tip Tooling

Multi - tip tooling is a uniquely designed assembly.

We provide solutions in tablet tooling where more than one tablet can be formed at each station in the press. The number of tips being dependent on the punch type, size and shape of the tablet.

More than one tip is accommodated on a single punch thereby helps in increasing in productivity which leads to higher outcome, whereas with its excellent feature like strong tip & less maintenance which leads to reduction in production cost.

Our latest computerized production machinery provides the accuracy demanded by this tool type, ensuring complete component alignment and interchangeability.

Our assembly style multi tip tablet tooling consists of a body, cup and tip. This design is compactable for different compression machines for the compression of micro tablets 1.8 to 4.00mm. Also, this design can be applied for Tablets ranging from 4mm to 10mm. The tooling design is user friendly in terms of installation and setting of tooling on the machine.