Special Shape Tooling

  • Special Shape Tooling

Special Shape Tooling Introduction

GMI has evolved in various markets & provided the best solutions to its customer where as in we come across a segment which gave us the opportunity to unleash the extremes with us & give the best of us in particular segment which is none other than Non-Pharma Segment.

We cater to give our valued customer the best high end tablet tooling solutions especially for Non-Pharma Segment, who deals in various types of shapes & sizes which makes it difficult but impractical for us to give our values customer the best of what we can give them for their mass production.

With the unique designs/shapes/sizes, Non-Pharma segment is one of the counter parts in the industry which make it different from other as it evolves constraint in various areas.

We manufacture press specific tooling to support virtually any bolus tablet press machine on the market today. From unique sizes to specialty bolus shape, our team of experts will design custom punches & dies to meet your needs. This tooling’s manufactured under the supervision of exerts, this bolus tablet tooling is produced from superior quality material which are equipped to bear highs compression force.