Punches & Dies

GMI manufactures Punches & Dies of any shape, size & design. Special Punches can also be made to order to suit any local and / or international Tablet Press. With the help of sound technology and team of experts, GMI executes your Imagination into a reality which results in sharp and clear embossed Punches & Dies.

  • Easy interchangeability of Punches within the same machine.
  • Material of construction : OHNS punches, HCHC Dies / HCHC Punches, HCHC Dies.
  • Uniform hardness of the Punches and Dies which minimizes breakage.
  • Specially designed software for embossing according to the customers requirements.
  • Computerised drawings giving all engraving (embossing) and breakline details.
  • The weight variation in the tablet obtained is avoided.
  • All operations performed on CNC and high precision machines to maintain tolerances.
  • Profiles of special shapes e.g. capsules, oval, heart, done on high precision profile grinders.
  • Dies are internally and externally polished and ground.
  • Thoroughly inspected for maintaining uniform physical dimensions for all punches and dies of the entire set.
  • Hardness of each die & punch is inspected on a Rockwell Hardness Tester (RHT).
  • Each die & punch is inspected with go/nogo gauges.
  • Inspection report & test certificate along with chemical test analysis of the raw material is provided with the supplies on request.

Master Hobbs

They are prepared with the embossing, as per company requirement, which is done on pentograph. These hobbs are maintained with the company and can be used for the same order when repeated, ensuring uniform embossing on the tablets.