Mixer & Granulators

"Jaguar High Speed Mixer - Granulators" was developed to meet the ever rising needs in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic & Food stuff Industries. With the help of HSMG Dry Mixing, Wet Mixing, Wet Granulation occurs without the transfer of the mix and loose Granules produced in very short time.

HSMG is designed specifically to meet the GMP requirements.

Finished products can be directly discharged to FBD trolley or other container for drying, without any extra efforts.

4 Kgs capacity specially designed for product Development and Galanical Lab
R & D made easy, user friendly and economical. Researchers face less stress and fatigue.

  • The main Impeller sets the entire mixture in a whirling - rising - tumbling motion ensuring a quick and even distribution of all dry components which leads to an even wetting of every granule.
  • Specially designed chopper blades driven at high speed gives fast and even granulation, throughout the whole mass in the product bowl.
  • GMP / NON - GMP available
  • Components of the machine are having easy accessibility for cleaning.
  • Discharge can be provided on either side to clients requirement.
  • Machine can be supplied with FLP electricals on demands
  • PLC can be provided for control panels which can be integerated with computer for controlling / recording various process parameters.